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"Miracle".........Look up compression wraps you can get them for alot cheaper without feeling like a tool.


@polishemt: And exactly why should someone feel like a tool for buying compression socks?


So you'd rather look like a medical patient than a tool? These would be great to throw on after a [half] marathon to get the blood moving around and do a little muscle massaging. Not that I run any kind of marathons (or anything even close for that matter).. but it seems like they'd be nice for that ;)


They're also good if you are going to be sedentary for an extended period of time. My RN friend sweas by these. She and her husband wear them all the time. Especially while at work or around the house.


These socks are fantastic. Why would you feel like a tool for wearing them? They look just like regular socks; they keep your legs & feet from swelling; and, other than here, the cheapest place I've ever seen them sold is at Target for $9.99. This seems like a good buy, from where I sit.


These socks are fantastic. Great for travel


For $5.49 w/fs this isn't a bad deal. The shipping however from jammin butter will have you puzzled while you wait. I'd say if you're not in a rush, pick some up. By the way, size large and XL are Sold Out.


I wear a size 8.5- 9 in shoe and am a slender built guy. I went with the ones that said they fit from 5-9.5 .... first it took almost 3 weeks to get them. I had needed them for a trip we were taking so I had just went and got the basic same thing at walgreens for a few bucks more. Figured having extra pair wouldn't hurt. Well the ones from walgreens were awesome! The ones from J/B were so tight It was hard to even get them over my calf and within 30 minutes my feet were tingling from lack of blood flow. I love J/B and they refunded my money no questions asked but this is the second item I have purchased from them in the past few months that was total crap as far as product quality. Last item was the para cord bracelets . Again im a slender built guy I ordered 2 packs of 3 NONE of them would even fit on my wrist and 2 the clasps were broken out of the box. AGAIN the CC is amazing total refund no questions.. Just saying beware of SLOOW shipping and lesser product quality...