dealscars 2 transforming vehicles for $10.00…


If they were cheaper I'd use them to move furniture.

Changing wheels =/= transforming.


Changing the tires or having a gun pop out is not transforming. Turning into a robot or a totally different car would be transforming.


-13? Ouch! I don't think we'll be seeing Disney here again any time soon.


I think mine and yours definition of Transformer differ greatly...


They all transform differently but still not as much as an official "Transformer" car.

With our Cars 2 Transforming Mater Vehicle, one press of the button and the rusty old tow truck transforms into his new role in international espionage. There's a whole stash of hidden secret agent devices and even a special light-up feature.

Master British spy Finn McMissile reveals where he got his name from with this Transforming Finn McMissile Vehicle. One press of the button and his collection of hidden secret agent devices pop out and the special light-up feature is activated.

The sleek British secret agent can get ready for a mission with the press of a button. This Transforming Holley Shiftwell Vehicle features the latest state-of-the-art spy equipment that she keeps hidden until she's ready for action.


These tests were conducted over a six month period using a double-blind
format of eight over-lapping demographic groups. Every region of the
country was sampled, the focus testing showed a solid base in the 9 to
11-year old bracket--with a possible carry-over into the 12-year olds.
When you consider that Nobots and Transformers pull over 37 percent
market share, and that we are targeting the same area, I think that we
should see one quarter of that and that is one fifth of the total
revenue from all of last year. Any questions? Yes? Yes?

I don't get it.

What exactly don't you get?

It turns from a building into a robot, right?


Well, what's fun about that?


Ahh, Disney Consumer Products, thank you once again for proving that you "get" the marketplace and your consumer base.

These were probably designed originally to have some kind of quantum-mechmagical molecular restructuring triggered by a brain wave, but DCP put the kebosh on anything that departed too far from the script. Hey, it's as good an explanation as anything...


@rlapid2112: Very good! I'd give you a cookie, but we all know where that leads:


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