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Meritline is a bit hit and miss, and resellerratings: 6/10 isn't good enough in my book.


@bcbird: FWIW, I've placed nearly 50 orders with Meritline over the last 3.5 years, and always received the item I've ordered, even the ones that shipped direct from Singapore, and before that, China. On occasion I've received defective items, and have always received prompt refunds upon contacting customer service. Some of the products they carry are cheap and prone to breakage, but those items were priced accordingly.
I've also ordered a variety of electronics and peripherals from them (flash drives, SD cards, drive enclosures) and have had no issues.


I've been buying from Meritline for two or three years myself, 30 or 40 orders for me, and it always arrives. It takes three weeks or so, but the product will arrive. Sign up for the daily email for daily discounted deals.