dealsace ventura 1-3 collection dvd save $8 for $6.97


@kylemittskus: I was unaware of the third movie myself. I watched a trailer and wish i hadn't :|

Love the first two but I'm not so sure about the third sadly


Ah that's nice... never knew they made one of those straight-to-dvd desperate cash in deals from Ace Ventura. I'm glad those don't really occur all that much anymore. What was the last one... that American Pie thing?


@starbob: They must have made a million American Pie direct to DVD releases, it doesn't help they have just as many box office sequels either. That movie was really not all that funny... Die already American Pie!


@neoxjoker: "I'm not so sure about the third sadly." Well that is just about the nicest way for saying "I'd rather gouge my eyeballs out than watch that movie" that I've ever heard.