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I bought one few weeks ago for $29.99 as I saw Lenny Kravitz using it and it looked really cool. This is a great great deal for $13.99 with free shipping. My mom saw me using it and she was in love with it, so I gave it to her. It is perfect for my mom as she doesn't have a land line at home and she talks for hours on her cell phone at night. I am in for one more. There is a big debate that cell phone radiation is very harmful. Retro Phone pretty much eliminates all the radiation from the cell phone. My cell phone battery gets really hot when I talk on my cell phone for more than 15 minutes, and sometimes my ears start hurting and sometimes I even see sweat on my phone screen. Retro Phone is very light weight and never gets hot. I was just waiting for a deal on Retro Phone and found it at the right time. I might by few and keep it to give out as Christmas Presents.


in for wife complains that she can't hear me (my dad says this too)...I must hold the phone too far away from my mouth, so this will be nice while driving to drown out the road noise and direct my mouth better...


Yeah, these Retro Phones are extremely popular and a lot celebrities are using them.