dealsbuy 2 get 1 free on pre-owned games


Some people have reported getting Buy 2 Get 2 free when checking out. Not sure if there is specific criteria etc. I checked out last night and selected 4 Xbox 360 games all under $8 and got two of them free. Four games for $15 seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

Sadly, though, in my excitement of an extra free game, I accidentally ordered a game I already own (this is not as dumb as it sounds for reasons too detailed to mention), so the victory is bitter sweet. Still, I can trade it in for a few dollars or give it to a friend.


tried to order 4 but only got one free, the cheapest. I chose three $45 dollar games and one 15 and guess what I got the 15 dollar game for off!


@oldhess: How is it a rip off that you got exactly what was advertised? The B2G2 was an anomaly and not advertised by Best Buy. And of course you were going to get the cheapest game for free. That is how deals like this always work (for any retailer, not just Best Buy).

I hope you weren't foolish enough to actually leave the $15 game in your cart when you checked out.