dealsambient led 12-watt (60w) a19 light bulb home…


Some states subsidize high efficiency light bulbs, so the price will vary by state. In Florida, it's $24.97 as we have no subsidy.


Thanks for the up! I bought 10, This is a great deal I have 3 of these in use and they are really good bulbs. I use them with smarthome keypad switches and they dim without causing problems like the fluorescent bulbs would.


@salazarjohn: Yay... I love Insteon, I have some 50 switches, 3 thermostats and run a Home Control Assistant server.
These bulbs work very well on Insteon, no bleeding like the cheap Chinese LED bulbs.


I tried about 25 Chinese bulbs and they all turned out to be garbage. Had issues with the color changing from warm white to cool white over a few months to some of them just losing brightness untill they were unusable.

Hopefully Home depot will offer the 8 watt version of these as they would be great for hallways.


when you click on the link Home Depot still shows them at $14.97 but the price changed here to $24.97?


I got mine for 14.97. My local HD didnt have them for 14.97 but I printed up a location that did and they price matched. nice find.