dealsmitsubishi c series 73-inch 1080p 3d dlp tv for…


I'd love to get this for $1,000 but the Dell product page shows it listing at $1,399 ($2,099 retail with a $700 discount). Was this a deal that expired?


Nevermind, I missed the Promo code. I'm now $999 poorer. But, thanks for posting an excellent deal!


I got the 60" version of this tv. I'm sure there are some fixes after the model I have, but just in case they haven't fixed them I have a pretty noticable silk screen effect, and sometimes with my ps3 it takes sometimes 30 minutes for picture to show up once I start a game. My old roommate had the non 3D version and his was fine, so I would def look around online before buying this one. Other than those two things the tv is amazing and cheap. DELL used Pilot shipping services and it came fast.


I've had a Samsung DLP TV for years and years. DLP is absolutely the BEST option available for your kids' video game systems because the screen CANNOT burn in no matter how long it's left on a static image.

Also doesn't hurt that DLP screen sizes are HUGE bang for the buck compared to other technologies.

(Just in reply to the comment above...we don't have any noticable delay to see an image or other issues noted, but our 56" Samsung DLP TV is over 7 years old.)


@i1patrick: I was mostly talking about the Mitsubishi DLP. I don't know about any other tvs having the same problem, but I wouldn't even have known about this one if I didn't own it.


I have the 65 inch version with 3-D ready. Love it! Wish I could get this one, but mine is too new. There is also an 80" version. Nice post!


I love this tv, I bought it on cyber monday from dell for 800 with free shipping :). I also bought a really nice blue ray wireless surround sound from them a month ago bc it came with a 400 dollar gift card which I used to purchase the ridiculously expensive 400 dollar tv stand for this tv lol but it was free so I can't complain!