deals4 ft. inflatable velociraptor for $17.00


Not anatomically accurate. Velociraptors had feathers. Where are the feathers?


This ridiculous website won't let you get past a window that insists on your name and email address! There is no apparent way to close the popup. No way I'm entering personal info just to view an ad!


@karlsworld: yep, agree completely

for those who want to make an informed decision before entering their info the picture of the raptor is right here


@karlsworld: Put something in every space and you're done. No personal anything = no spam. I agree the site shouldn't be built this way, but it's really not a big deal.


I know exactly which kid's closet this is going into.


@bluekirbypwns: That's super helpful, awesome. Thank you.

Flash sale is here to stay, so get a shopping email address and use it only for that. No personal info, but you are ready to shop right away all the time. If you don't use that email address for any of your personal thing, there is nothing personal about it (I am a paranoid engineer, so I understand and got around it that way).


OK, but where's the inflatable Jesus? I need to purchase them as a set.


I'd need a Chris Bosh jersey to fit this included for free or no deal.