dealskindle fire full color 7" multi-touch display, wi…


New, open box? Hmmm... Thik I much rather take my chances with the Kindle Refurb ( than this offer, IMO.


@scuds20: With the prices being so similar and the refurb actually coming from Amazon I can't help but agree.


Only potential reason to purchase from this 3rd party site IMO is for those of us that Amazon charges sales tax to. I still preferred to buy from Amazon, so I saved myself $15 in tax by sending it to my mom in Georgia, who gets to ship things from work for free.

I don't mind paying sales tax when I'm supporting businesses that actually contribute to the local economy. FU Amazon/Woot, for not doing that and still making me pay.


@ctrlaltdefeat: Here's hoping your mom's shipping habits don't get looked into.


you are making your mom's company pay for what you should have paid in the first place. Congratulations.


She paid for his food, clothes, share of the rent and gas money for 35 years, what should change now?