dealsfind a cure t-shirt | save our boobies for $8.50


Save Our Boobies . com? LMFAO! I think their web address, SAVE OUR BOOBIES would sell ALOT more t-shirts than 'Find A Cure.' I'm loving their bold sense of humor. Never heard of their organization before this post, but with that name, I know I'll never forget them. Just did a quick drive-by of their products for sale. They've got alot of different design t-shirts, my favs, "Save the Hooters! and Save the Rack" A great idea. I'd tell everyone to buy a shirt or make a donation, but only 15% of proceeds go to research? That seems a little low to me.


@thedesi: I think most of the "save our boobies" organizations use a very small portion of their revenue to actually support the cause. One of the worst is the company that sells those "I heart boobies" bracelets. Save your money and donate to the American Cancer Society directly


@thedesi: We have two goals with this store. 1 - raise awareness for breast cancer because we know first hand that early detection is critical. 2 - raise funds to fund research towards a cure. To do the first, we offer high quality products with industry best direct to garment printing. We also have a staff of artists creating these designs, production costs, marketing costs, etc. We want to sell high quality products people will wear a long time. This leaves about 15% profit, to accomplish the second goal, we donate it all to research. To donate a higher percentage, we either have to sacrifice quality or raise prices.