deals12 pack sanyo eneloop rechargeable aa batteries…


Almost pulled the trigger ... but they're not even in the packaging. Which might be OK, and might not be OK.

The price is good -- $6.66 for 4 rather than the usual $10 for 4 -- but I'm just not sure.


Yeah, not quite sure how unused a "new pull" battery would be. Questionable value. Could be a good deal...could suck. Hmmm.


What is a "bulk pull" battery? I've heard of "pulls" when it comes to computer parts, which implies that they're used. But these are listed as "new" and "pull" at the same time. What's the origin of these? Retail packs? And if they didn't originate from retail packs, where did they come from, and why are they so much cheaper than ANY other source of genuine eneloops?

On another of this seller's auctions, they say this about a different brand of batteries they are selling:
"We deal direct with a large electronics vendor that gets thousands of batteries in bulk at low cost. Alot are never used or mildly used batteries."

That could be the case with these eneloops. The seller would naturally want to sell them as "new" because used rechargeable batteries don't sell well at all. It would also explain what a "bulk pull" is and why these are so much cheaper than anywhere else.

I would spend a few extra dollars for new/retail from Amazon.


"New", "pull", and "battery" definitely don't go together. An installed battery is a used battery by definition. And in what exactly are Eneloops distributed "new", out of which they would have been "pulled", other than packaging? I like the batteries, but not this "deal".


Entire countries can't even get a grip on their supply chain for food. If you receive genuine eneloops for that price on Ebay I'd be impressed.


Here's a def from a site talking about disk drives.

"New Bulk" and "New Pull" disk drives are not new. You will never see an authorized HP, IBM, or Oracle partner selling "new bulk" disk drives. Unscrupulous vendors want you to think that OEMs charge a large premium for "Retail Factory Sealed" disk drives and offer the same product for less in "bulk" packaging. Think for a moment: Why would a vendor create a parallel market to compete with their own products?

"Bulk" products are either used or worse, factory rejected units. Unfortunately it is very easy to make used drives look like new. You should ask your supplier what firmware revision a drive has loaded and compare it to your HBA / RAID controller support matrix. If the firmware revision advertised is more than one revision behind the most current or if the vendor cannot answer the question, you should find another supplier.