dealsseiki 39 class led 4k ultra hdtv for $499.99…


Impressive to see a 4K monitor in this price range already - though it corrects my pre-conceived notion that all 4K monitors would be 3D functional


The site description. says it's "4k2k 30Hz".
if you're doing any video editing, video watching, or gaming with it might be a tad slow on frame rate.


@bubbawheat: its a tv not a monitor, and in most cases if you reduce the rez to say 1080 you usually can get 60hz or better.


@vampirefrost: "it's tv not a monitor".
In my house, and many others, the lines between computing & entertainment have blurred over the last 10 years. To leverage a 4K panel one would either be watching upscaled to 4K video and wanting >30Hz especially for action flicks (assumes ones BR player upscales to 4K) or we'd be hooking it up to a computer capable of >HD resolutions to watch or create media or to XB1 that supposedly will go 4K. Just saying the frame rate is a little marginal and it's a likely why it's priced this low. You decide - I'm interested but not convinced it's worth cheaping out.
@vampirefrost: “and in most cases if you reduce the rez to say 1080 you usually can get 60hz or better.”
C'mon, is that really a compelling argument? IMO running it at 1080 to get back 60Hz completely misses the point of going to 4K technology & is one o those watch-outs in going to 4K too early or too cheap.


Seiki ---/--- 4K ---/--- 39 inch

Hmmm, seems like a triple contradiction.

I'd much rather spend the $500 on a really solid 40 inch Samsung or soon to be gone Panasonic plasma.


Keep in mind the 4K 30Hz limitation is created by the HDMI 1.4 standard and not this particular TV. All 4K TVs released with HDMI 1.4 will have this problem. HDMI 2.0 resolved that issue, but it has only been released for two months.


@simlesa: Thank you for pointing that out for people. It's just like they didn't know about the 30hz limitation of 1080p 3d over HDMI 1.4 that didn't get bumped up to 120hz at HDMI 1.4b.


I just bought this five days ago for $570... damnit.


Just a tip that I found true in every case in my many dealings and purchases with Tiger Direct. That is always call their 1-800 no. and talk to a sales associate before buying. They have always provided me a better price over what was listed on their website. Not exactly sure why, but they have in every case.


It doesn't matter what kind of movie you watch, action flick or not, Blu-Ray movies are mastered at 24 Hz. So what would be a better question is whether the TV will display 24 Hz natively (which I assume it will.)

The exception is very few movies that are encoded at 60 Hz interlaced, but the TV will de-interlace this to 30p anyway.

So for now, until they come up with an entirely new content delivery method which will allow for higher than 30 Hz progressive content, AND the movie industry starts filming at higher than 24 Hz (only the Hobbit has done this so far), the 30 Hz argument is moot (unless you're gaming on the TV, I'll give you that.)


@gnnash: but but but... what about my "240 mHz" TV? Surely you're not saying I don't need all those extra megahertz's are you? ;-D


4K on a 39" screen? Waste of money...


@firebirdude: As a TV in a livingroom, sure. As a monitor on your desk, it's perfect. The total size, resolution, and pixel density is almost exactly the same as four 20" 1080p monitors in a 2x2 grid, but without any bezels in between. The 30Hz limitation at 4K is crap for games, but for productivity and movie-watching, it's fine. And if you need more fps for your games, you can always roll back to 1080p and get the full 120Hz. Frankly, you're not going to get much more than 30fps out of a AAA game at 4k anyway unless you have a couple grand worth of GPUs in your rig.

I've been on the fence about ordering one of these since they came out at $700 a few months ago. 30Hz is plenty for 90% of what I do on my PC, and there's no such thing as too much screen real estate. The $200 off sealed the deal. Mine should arrive tomorrow.


@bubbawheat: 30Hz is a hard pill to swallow for gaming, but for video, it's fine. Nearly all video is done at either 24 or 30FPS, so this won't have any problems with it.

It's also worth pointing out that both of the next-gen gaming consoles will be locked to 30Hz for some games, so obviously Sony and MS don't think it's a dealbreaker. If it is for you, you can always tune it down to 1080p and get 120Hz.


116 PPI vs 140 for the Asus 31.5" 4K @ $3500. Asus specs are 30Hz even with DisplayPort -- technically capable of 60Hz. Even Sony says 60Hz avail;able on their BRX 4Ks after HDMI 2.0 specs finalized late 2013/early 2014. Maybe wait for the HDMI 2.0 version of this Seiki?