dealsbarnes & noble nook simple touch ereader (pre…


7 minutes later:

"We're sorry, but this product is currently sold out."

Srsly, 7 minutes? What happened?


This really isn't a deal as this is the normal price for the Nook on Cowboom, however it's rare when they have one in stock.


Just got one of these last time and it is going back because it cannot be registered with B&N because cowboom/past owner failed to unregister it and B&N refuses to help.


@weatherlightthe2: You can hard reset it and it will go back to factory settings.

See here


Unless resetting the Nook also removes the registration information from the B & N database server, that will not help.


I had the same problem with a nook I bought on cowboom. Was still registered under previous owner, and the B&N guy I talked to finally figured out that it was still registered to the previous owner, and to send it back to cowboom and get my money back because there was nothing to do about it. Sending things back to cowboom is not the greatest experience, but I was finally able to do it.


got one last time and it bricked within a couple of months.


I guess I got lucky, because I bought a Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight from Cowboom last year. I didn't have any issues with registering it and haven't had any problems with it since.


"Barnes & Noble Inc. (BKS)’s surprise loss during what’s usually its most profitable quarter was triggered by a 26 percent sales drop at Nook, the only segment that had been growing and is essential to aiding a shift to e-books.

The net loss of $6.06 million, which included $74 million in charges from plummeting demand for its newest Nook tablets,..." Book Business Magazine


13 hours on a sold out item. I wonder where the OP and mods are.


@linrey: A hard reset on my nook first gen removes registration info.