dealsasus google nexus 7" android 4.1 8gb wifi tablet…


How about some actual information about the item/deal in the heading and description?


Good gosh that is a great deal!!! A perfect Gamer tablet for a great price. Less than a year ago it was still $250!
I have the 10" and love it.


@wootmatthew: This was never $250. It was $200 at release (The 16GB one was that price). Still a good deal though.


Except that it really isn't a rebate it's a 'buy-down".

"NOTICE: A subscription must be activated at time of rebate redemption."

The subscription is to "Total Defense Premium Internet Security Bundle", but it doesn't say how long the subscription is or how much.


@trybble: Tiger was doing the same thing last week on a nice harddrive/SSD. was like $34 but only with a subscription to that Total Defense crap


@trybble: From what I've heard, it's a 1 year subscription and the code comes with it. They're essentially putting the tablet on sale and marking the price back up with the cost of the Total Defense stuff, which then in turn they get paid by you and along with another credit from Total Defense when the rebate is successfully claimed. They've been doing this for years with the same company, though the software has changed names a few times. Basically install the software to a PC you don't use often, activate it, submit the rebate and once you get it back, cancel the sub and purge your computer of their crap software.

What they are hoping is 2 fold, they find people who decide to use this year-to-year as their security suite and that people forget they have a recurring sub and never cancel it.