dealscaptain black starter kit for $9.99 + free…


I have long wanted to become the top hat wearing gentleman that I feel I am, mighteth some of you place your votes on this, such that I may make a better informed decision as to whether to part ways with a pittance of $10?


@realgeorgew: This is just the starter kit. In Colorado you can add levels.


According to deals.woot's own rules, tobacco products are prohibited, no?


No extra charge for the Cancer to come.


Just ordered one with some extra tabaco. Free 2-8 day shipping with purchase. Always wanted to try a pipe, now I can on the cheap, If I like it I may order a more high quality pipe


Packing and lighting a pipe is a bit tricky. This guy taught me how to do it without having to constantly relight my pipe:

Don't use torches or lighters! matches only (:


@zippy the pinhead: Did you read them? "That means no prohibited items (intimate adult products, drug paraphernalia, e-cigarettes, sweepstakes, and most weapons)."

I see nothing of tobacco.


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Let's just say I hate hipsters. I was in Oakland, CA the other day and say several of them smoking pipes and the Chi bar. When I think of Captain Black I think of my Grand Dad and Uncle, sitting on the back of a old wooden cabin cruizer in the 70's, fishing for Marlin in FL drinking PBRs. Well, the PBRs and apparently Captin Black are back "in." How about old wooden cabin cruisers?


@tank41683: Don't be discouraged with this pipe, it might smoke a little"hot". If you want a truly incredible pipe to smoke, try a Meerschaum gourd type(the Sherlock Holmes type). Pricey and delicate, but they smoke so gently and cool that you won't believe it. I'm a nonsmoker, but even I drag out my Meerschaum a couple times a year.


Dr Grabow pipes (check Amazon) are great beginner pipes for the money. I've had one of the Sherlock Holmes style for several years. Use it probably once every couple weeks and it's still holding up. Be prepared to spend 30-40 for a half decent pipe.


Anyone know if this pipe is any better than starting with a corn cob pipe? I looked into pipe smoking years ago and most places recommended starting with a corn cob pipe and if you like it then you buy something nice you can be proud of.


@xzelick: Corn cob pipes are about $5. They recommend starting out with corn cob because if you don't like it, you're only out the cost of a cheap pipe and tobacco. If you do like it and upgrade, you're only out the cost of that cheap pipe.


@first2summit: they also don't need to be broken in and many people think they give a better smoke than briar pipes. My question was about the pipe in this deal though.

Generally most pipe smokers agree that a corn cob pipe beats any pipe u can buy for under $50 so its probably safe to assume that the pipe in this deal is horrible.


The pipe in this deal is almost certainly horrible. However, it may not be a terrible deal if you're simply curious about pipe smoking and have 10 bucks to throw away. A better bet would be asking a pipe-smoking friend if you can try theirs. I have a guest pipe for this exact reason. If you enjoy the pipe, used estate pipes on ebay are a great way to find a decent, broken-in pipe for cheap. Once you've really decided you're a pipe smoker, you can drop some real money on your own new pipe and go about the process of breaking it in and making it your own.

TL;DR This deal is OK sounding if you can't just bum a friend's pipe.


Lung, mouth, tongue and throat cancer for only $9.99! What a deal!!!!!!!!!


I used to be a pipe smoker until about age 22 and loved it. But reading the risks of mouth cancer made me quit. If you don't believe the risks, check the Wikipedia article on Burl Ives under section "Death".