dealswestern digital 1tb elements se portable usb 3.0…


$70 rebate? Er, that's a little steep for me.


Tiger loves to do the rebates to get their best deals. I've alway gotten them though.

$34.99 after rebate is the best price I've ever seen on a 1 TB USB 3 portable drive.


you DO realise what that rebate involves, right?


$20 more bucks for the 2TB! Sweet!


if you're thinking about cracking open the case to install the bare drive as an internal, think again. WD are the ones that have a proprietary USB connection soldered to the drive itself instead of a sata-to-usb3 adapter.


@kamikazeken: I was not aware of that. Thanks for posting. I bought a WD 1TB external a few years back and I was able to take it out and use with sata with no problem. Must be a usb3 thing.


for what it's worth, my last WD usb 3.0 drive didn't have a hard-soldered adapter. Oh, it was there, and fit quite snug, but it pulled right off, with the standard sata connections behind. It's not this particular model, however... it was a 2tb portable (might have been passport instead of elements series) - took the drive out and put it in a car-pc, no problem.


Ugh, to get the $70 Rebate, you have to sign up for automatic subscription renewal of total defense software bundled in this deal. Not worth it for me.


It is $20 more for a 2Tb drive, but note that the one they are offering for just $20 more is a desktop model (not a portable drive) and is USB2.0 (not the much faster USB3.0). I'll pass because of all the hassle that Tiger Direct always attaches to their prices. Rebate AND a software package that I have to later install?! too much.


Total Defense subscription = No Deal.
Besides, with the price of a 3TB USB 3 Toshiba Canvio at Newegg this morning with Code (EMCYTZT3325), 1TB takes up expensive desk geography.


@cebooher3: Read carefully on the rebate as it has a Total Defense registration that looks like its free for the first year but monthly subscription after that.


@sugar10381: That's why I said it was a deal breaker. If I have to subscribe to any paid service to get the rebate, I'm not buying it.


Can I buy two and get two rebates? I don't want to only get one rebate when I buy two and lose out on the savings. Terms and conditions didn't specify.


Rebate Fine Print:

The product must be activated prior to rebate redemption. Activation will require a valid credit card however your subscription may be cancelled at anytime. Total Defense will verify that the product has been activated."

If by "anytime" they mean "any time" then this is a great deal, lol.

Personally, having to sign up for something that I can cancel, just to save $70 is fine by me.


Remember to use a credit card that expires before your 1 year total defense subscription ends, and activate it on a computer you can wipe. Then you can forget about it, get the rebate, and know that you'll never be charged for the subscription if you never get around to unsubscribing (or, more likely, if they make it difficult to unsubscribe). Also don't have to keep running the junk software on your computer after you've activated it and wiped it.

Still more trouble than it's worth (for me) but I'm sure there are plenty of people who are willing to do the work for a $35 1TB drive.


@cebooher3: You can cancel anytime or even as soon as you receive the rebate & as long as you cancel within the one year after activation you will not be charged anything extra. Remember The first year is included with this purchase.


Do a Google search for "Tiger Direct Rebates" before you pull the trigger on this one.


I've never had an issue with Tiger Direct rebates, but this one screams no deal! $70 rebate is one thing, but having to sign up and activate stuff... I'll pass.


@sugar10381: Activation requirement with a valid credit card is the best way to eliminate resellers who try to takes advantage of these deals.
You are getting Western Digital 1TB Elements SE Portable USB 3.0 & a full year of total Defense Premium up to 5 users for $34.99. What is the big deal about trying the software for free, then cancel the subscription before the year is over. No one is forcing anyone to keep the monthly subscription after the first year. Only resellers get upset over a deal as good as this one because they cannot benefit from it.


The WD Sata-ti-USB3 isn't soldiered. I've purchased 2 of these and slapped them into a full-size tower and put them into RAID. The only downfall IS the auto-subscribe to total Defense... complete garbage.


Oh that is so not cool.... I was looking at the drive again this morning, and there was ANOTHER $20 MIR added, bringing the final price down to $14.99! I was just about to make the jump and I refresh the page again, and it was sold out!!! GAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! :/

For those who did grab it:
Here's the original $70 MIR:
And here's the new $20 MIR:
(Bad link because Woot won't work with the %20 "space." Just copy and paste the whole thing into the address bar.)


Rebate=Rethink...not a deal for me!