dealsteam c125 32gb usb 2.0 flash drive for $15.99…


Ordered one of these when they were on sale a few weeks ago. It went to some place a couple hours from me. Newegg won't do anything about it except file a claim with the shipping company on my behalf. Likely be several months before I ever get a replacement or refund. Added to my list of reasons I shop at Newegg as little as reasonably possible.


@ikisat: Thanks for the FYI/Heads Up on that! I was thinking of buying this but I don't need the kind of logistical headaches you described.


I ordered two of the 16 G version of these from Newegg. I had a problem and contacted Team C125 tech support. I have never heard back. From the language on the web site, I don't think they speak English nor do I expect to ever hear back.


I have purchased hundreds of items from Newegg over the years and there has only been ONE issue with shipping... and it wasn't Newegg's fault... it was the fault of UPS.

Not buying something from a company because the shipper messed up is like saying "I'm never going to that store again because the road I took was under construction, detoured, and I ended up getting lost! That store sucks!"


What a dumb analogy. If I get to the store I get my product or I don't pay.
Newegg will take you money and then slash your tire and still not give you your product.
Big difference.


You have to be skeptical of how good a product is when they advertise that the flash drive doesn't need an external power supply to run it.

How great can the product be if that is the second most important selling point?


@johnnaryry: I highly recommend ordering from Newegg, I have a very tricky location to deliver to, having trouble through a lot of carriers, and I have ordered perhaps thousands of orders through Newegg. Maybe five times something has been lost, and all of those times they have willingly refunded my money and I still was allowed to keep the items once they arrived. They will go out of their way to help customers, even moreso than Amazon.