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i'm confused as to why this has no comments and is down-rated -25? i mean at least leave an explanation, is the site bad, is the vacation a fraud, do you fly on a Lockheed constellation, does the taxi smell strongly of elderberry wine, is the price bad, or do you just have a blind hatred for puerto rico?

i can't speak for the deal, but puerto rico is beautiful and fun, i went there (my first trip outside mainland USA) about 3 months ago and we had a great time. this seems like a reasonable deal to get to a great island.


@hoffmanbike: Okay so I click through to Travel-ticker, and to get the deal I get redirected to another site.

The main reason these get downvoted is because that $379 starting point is nearly impossible and has to be a specific window at specific airports that only like 20 people would ever be able to take advantage of and the rest of the 'deals' are overpriced and on an untrusted website.


Not nearly as cheap as advertised. The deal is based on 2 people in a room, so single people pay almost twice as much.


@hoffmanbike: I feel really bad about the comment about PR. I think this person hate PR.


I had a friend just last week use one of these sites for a Oakland CA to Vegas to trip.

He booked on Spirit Airways, his flight left 20 minutes early! He "missed" it because his wife just had hip surgery 6 weeks ago. He had to pay $250 again to get tickets one way with Spirit air. They didn't pay the $38 fee for insurance for missing the plane, because of early depart.

I know this is true because 4 of his friends were in the plane trying to get the Spirit plane to wait for the last 20 minutes.

I will always take Southwest or Alaskan.

Just read ALL of their fine print, on these sites!

Woot on.