dealsbowflex selecttech 552 dumbbells + selecttech 3.1…


In for one. Best price/combo I've seen for it.


@monkeycb: I started an order just to make sure the price I was seeing was true, and that it really included the bench. To save $330 is awesome!


I have a set of Power blocks WAY better. I am always hearing of the 552 breaking. The weights falling out getting jammed, the dial not turning. And they are big. Hard to to preacher curls on them. You cant use them like push up stands. I like to to push ups on mine then while I am up do a sholder raise or a row. I never see the power blocks on sale. Why because they are better. Way better. You can add more weights as well. You cant do that with the 552. Check then out. and on amazon


In for one. thought the wife would not approve, but i think she wanted more than I did.