dealstoshiba at305-t16b excite 10 tablet (16gb…


This is a solid little tablet... it was a little wonky updating it to Jellybean, but after that it was just peachy. Picked up the accessory bundle for $10 at another daily deal site. VERY pleased with it so far.


Mine died 4 months after a purchase same make model and refurb check out the awesome white light of death numerous forum post


You are talking about the Thrive- this is the Excite 10. I purchased the Excite the last time is was offered and I'm very pleased with it. The shipping was really slow getting here, but the Excite is fast and the screen sharp. I have not figured out how to load Jelly bean on it yet so I'm still using 4.1.



That link you gave is for the older Thrive, what's for sell is the newer Excite. I've owned both (still own a 64gb Excite) and they've both ran great for me. (You also linked only one instance, I didn't see numerous forum posts about that.)

I'd recommend either tablet though. I like that they have full sized SD card slots, I'm not sure why other tablets don't do this (I can see why phones, but not tablets). SD cards are normally one step ahead of microSD cards in memory size; you can currently get 128gb SD cards while you can only get 64gb microSD cards (and yes, 128gb cards have been tested to work in both the Excite and Thrive). I like that I can also take photos and video with my camera and then just stick it into 10.1" screen and view the photos.


@bobthegoat2001: How would you compare the build quality of the Thrive to the Excite? I used a thrive on a project about a year ago, and it seemed like a hefty, durable piece of equipment. I'd be interested in the Excite if the build quality is similar.



The biggest difference I saw in build quality was the Excite is quite a bit thinner, maybe a third thinner and is lighter. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing. It seemed like the Thrive was built like a tank. The Excite does have a metal back, probably aluminum or something, but didn't seem quite as tough as the Thrive (I kind of liked the rubbery back).

Though with it being thinner and lighter it is easier to hold for extended lengths of time. Because of this though, the Excite doesn't have the ability to change the battery as easily (it's possible, but a lot harder). The full sized USB and the full sized HDMI are missing too, though it does have a micro USB and Micro HDMI, which is fine by me since you can get $3 adapters for them if you need them.

Overall, I like the Excite better. It's got a Tegra 3 (Quad Core) vs a Tegra 2 (Dual Core), has Jelly Bean over ICS and you can get up to 64gb vs 32gb for the Thrive.


I forgot to mention too that the screen does seem to be improved on the Excite too. The Excite seems to be more colorful and clearer while the Thrive seems a little washed out. Though they are both have the same resolution (1280x800).