dealsamazon kindle fire ereader w/7in multi-touch…


@homiejome: Yeah, $30 away from the Gen 2 and $70 away from the HD? Can't say this is much of a deal.

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Which version is this?
The new fire is $159 direct from Amazon and has twice the RAM and a faster CPU.

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@j5: "Original Amazon Kindle Fire", as per my original post :D


@j5: Old version. In the specs it lists 512MB of ram. The new version has 1 gig.


ill just wait for somebody to get the new one and throw the old one me.


If you are planning to use it as a kindle than yeah, you're better off waiting for refurbs of the new one or just buying the new one.

However the new one is proving harder to hack so if you want it as a $130 jellybean tablet once you've rooted it, then its not too bad of a deal.

I would probably hold out and see how they do hacking the new nook, or just get a nexus.


Old deal...need to expired it.