dealssamsung focus i917 unlocked touchscreen…


Don't buy from Dailysteals. They have a bad record for everything, new or recertified. They also have a rating of 2.9/10. This twice before buying from them.


Anyone know if 3g will work on T-Mobile? Wikipedia ( says that they've supported 3g on 1900MHz since 2011 and the specs for this phone say that it supports 3g on 1900. Anyone have any experience with it?


I used to have this phone and I really did enjoy it.


@zapp brannigan: agreed. this exact piece of hardware lasted longer than any cell phone i'd ever had prior to owning it (~2.5 yrs)

i'm on a wp8 device now, but even wp7 was/is highly underrated.


@mooingrhinoceros: It depends on your area. In many areas, T-Mobile has reconfigured their towers to support 3G HSPA+ on the 1900MHz frequency. Eventually, all their towers should be configured as such, at least by the years end. They are doing this as part of their installation of LTE. They will support both LTE and HSPA+.


I have personally had several horrible ordeals with dailysteals. The last of which I had to file a paypal claim b/c they wouldn't refund my money for a watch they sent with the crystal cracked and warped. They had me send it back for a refund, but kept telling me "we need more time to inspect your return"....That went on for 40+ days and I had to file w paypal, I believe they would have ripped me off if they could've....AVOID THEM if you know what's good for you.


This phone's 3G will work on t-mobile thanks to the deal between t-mobile and AT&T

source for the information: the 3G indicator in my phone, my wife's phone and my son's phone :P

(note - I don't know if it is regional, if it doesn't work in your area please don't blame me)

It's a very nice phone if you are the kind of person that can live without having the very latest. With the unlocked version you can use t-mobile's value plans (the "bring your own phone" plans) which will save you a nice amount of cash over the year. 8GB can be a little small for storage (e.g., if you want to store a few coursera videos on it) but it takes a 64GB microSD expansion card :) (note - installing the card is annoying because it requires reinstalling everything on the phone, better plan on getting it together with the phone)


I had this phone and handed it down to my daughter, who still uses it. Works with xbox music subscription if you have one, OS syncs your contacts from goog, outlook, hotmail and has direct baked-in integration with FB, Twitter and Linkedin.

Set up a Microsoft account before starting the first time and you can opt to have your pictures automatically backed up to cloud (skydrive).

Do go ahead and buy a 30+ gb memory and install. Phone will go through a factory reset. The memory card will combine with the 8gb onboard memory. From that point, it becomes transparent; there is no apparent difference between files stored on one or the other.

Phone has removable battery, which can be replaced cheaply if necessary.


do you have to take data plan with the voice plan or it can go without it?


don't buy any thing from dailysteal i had bad experience bad customer service