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I have the original DVD extended editions...I assume these would be the identical product but in Blu-ray. Anyone who can confirm this...?


@scapsinger: We have these DVD and yes, they are identical to the DVD Extended Editions. One thing to note though, only the movies themselves are Blu-Rays, the extra feature discs are still DVDs.


One thing I'd note - if you don't get in on these sales VERY early, you could end up waiting for a month or more. Fry's doesn't seem to keep track of their inventory. When they run out of something, they appear to leave it online for some time. After a while (possibly after a week or more has gone by) they just send out emails telling people that the item is backordered and you can either continue waiting or cancel.

I've had this happen to me several times. You'll get the item, but it could be a while. Personally, I think it would still be worth the wait. That is an excellent price! ...I just wouldn't hold my breath...and probably not pay for faster shipping. >_>


They've taken the Hobbits to Isengard!


@scapsinger: The Extended Edition Blu-ray box set includes an additional three discs of behind-the-scenes documentaries over the DVD version. Theses documentaries were originally released on the later individual DVDs of the movies (the ones that included both the theatrical and extended versions). Otherwise, the content closely mirrors the DVD version--the supplemental discs are actually just the exact same discs from the DVD box set; only the movies are in HD.


It's nice to see Fry's competing so much with Amazon lately. Other retailers should take note! (here's looking at you, slowly-decaying FYE)


The packaging is kind of cool too. It comes in a nice box with a magnetic seal. The BD discs are in three 5-disc black Viva Elite cases. Very nice quality. Of course I threw out the box and bought blue Elite cases so all my BDs look the same on the shelf. Be glad if you don't have OCD, let me assure you it's NOT fun.


@thegooseisblue: Also bear in mind, Fry's b&m stores match online prices (within certain parameters, of course).


Torn here.

I absolutely love LOTR but is it really worth $40+ to swap out my DVD-EE for BR-EE's?

How about a trade-in rebate for those already holding the EE DVD's? :)


I bought this via woot last month from Best Buy for the same price. It is a great set. The box looks pretty cool on my shelf.

However, I naively assumed since it was on Blu-Ray, the movies wouldn't be spread over two discs....what with the extra capacity of BD's.

It's not a big deal... I mean, getting up to swap discs is about the only exercise I get... so, I guess it's a good thing.