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Actually, their salmon is quite good. And it's wild caught, which is hard to get where I am. Can't stand the farmed stuff.
If it were a deal of just salmon........
Don't think I would want the rest of the stuff.


Their prices are ridiculous! I had a chance to get a free $50 gift card from MyCokeRewards, so I went to their site to see what I could get, WHOA! You can go out twice to a fancy restaurant and get food that is the same quality, without having to cook it yourself! I ordered from them many years ago, and don't recall the meat being that much better. It was cool that it came packed in dry ice!

Now I buy whole strip loins from my local meat market. It's cheaper, it tastes great, and I can cut them as thick as I want! Nothing beats a 2-inch thick steak!


Way, way overpriced for frozen food.


I can't speak to the salmon, but the beef products from Omaha Steaks are the best beef I have ever had in my life. My in-laws got us hooked on the prime beef and gourmet products from this company, years ago and we just love them. We only order from the company for special occasions and special gifts as it is pricey, but this is a case of "you get what you pay for."

In other words, don't down-vote them because they're not cheap, especially if you're willing to upvote expensive wines, gourmet treats, high-priced high-quality technology, etc. High quality is worth the cost, even if only for special occasions.

Let the down-votes begin.


Down voted. Because they are not cheap.
You can get as good a cut, or better, at your supmarket, provided the chain purchaser knows his stuff.
I was once deluded that this was the bomb, until I got a real fatty pack of strips, and started digging and educating myself about this industry. The only thing they sell that is prime is rib, not even their "private reserve" is prime. Not a sirloin, strip or filet. So that means it's all "choice" grade, just like what (the better)supermarkets sell.
Educate yourself. You can get as good a quality by the pound locally, as what you would pay them by the ounce.

And once you are on their mailing list, they will sacrifice a tree a year in your honor.


Too much money, and the last time I ordered from them, the steaks were tough and gristly. No mas.


I'm not sure what their current practices are, but Omaha Steaks are notorious for telemarketing and spamming, to the point that I deliberately avoid even giving them as gifts because I don't want them having my friends' contact info.

This person claims they received telemarketing calls 2-3 times PER DAY and they'd been calling him FOR YEARS:

Admittedly that was awhile ago and they seem to have cleaed up their act somewhat in recent years, but they won't ever get a dime from me. Do a google search for Omaha Steaks +spam or +telemarketing before doing business with this company or giving them any personal info.


I live in Omaha and I don't eat this stuff. I can get much better meat for far cheaper at any grocery store meat counter. I could never imagine why anyone would buy from Omaha Steaks.

Then my sister moved to the Florida Keys. The meat down there was terrible quality and crazy expensive. It was impossible for her to find a decent steak without driving 2 hours to Miami. Suddenly Omaha Steaks had a purpose. It wasn't nearly as good as home, but it was better and cheaper than what she could buy local.

Other than someone in a similar situation, I still recommend just shopping local.


@starblind: My girlfriend ordered from them after we got some free gift certificates from MyCokeRewards. The meat was ok and we may have ordered more. What convinced us to never order again, though, was the horrible telemarketers calling her almost daily for weeks.

Only order from Omaha steaks if you want your phone blowing up with dozens of sales calls.


after s/h fees about 13 dollars a pound. rip off. people are buying it because they are stupid. they see "original" price of 160.00 and now is "only" 69.99 and think what a deal they get. s/h is 17.99 and total price is 88 bucks for about 6-7 pounds of frozen food. sorry, always get upset with deals like that.


I've been buying from Omaha Steaks for years. I've always liked their stuff, particularly the seafood. It is expensive, but I always wait for a deal, especially one with free shipping.

As for the telemarketing, I never got one phone call. I used to get tons of e-mail, so I just logged into my account, indicated that I wanted to receive less e-mail, and that's exactly what happened. No problem.

I may well get down voted for this, but I find it interesting that this deal is getting down voted into oblivion while a $700 toilet seat is getting up voted.


@jazzsinger: We've been buying from them for about 20 years and have never gotten a single phone call. We use to get a Christmas catalog and maybe one other each year, but haven't gotten those in a while. We are on their email list and get one email a week, I think. No biggie. I get more email than that from Woot!

P.S. We love their beef. The shish-ka-bobs are awesome, and the beef is prime, not choice! My in-laws used to own a gourmet food store and they highly recommended these.


Omaha Steaks is one of those companies that in some areas of the country, it's a wonderful product due to shortage of beef. For example: the post above about the person with a sister that lives in the Florida Keys. I know someone that has a home down there that said the same thing. There was something else they order because of the outrageous prices in the grocery stores, I think it was cheese. But I don't need them.


@rustybender: I know a couple that lives down there that do the same. They also order their cheese for the same reason. I think it was cheese. Seems like she said it was so expensive in the Keys.