dealsninja chopsticks the ultimate food fighter for $4…


Ah, a different design from the normal beginner chopsticks. I like this design, it is made for anyone's hands.


These are cheater chopsticks. Tongs, if you will. If you have to use these, save your dignity, stick with the fork.


Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see why they are ninja chopsticks...


These are to chopsticks, what Chris Farley was to Ninja. I now coin these Beverly Hills Ninja Chopsticks.


If someone wants to learn to use chopsticks, and they didn't have the benefit of doing so as a child, these are actually pretty good.
Normal teaching pairs have a hold to fit your finger through, and you wear the chopstick like a ring, and it is then connected.

This is different, in that if you are careful, nobody can tell you aren't using normal chopsticks as you hold them. I like the design. As for using chopsticks, I consider that a skill every civilized person should have. I usually use a fork, but it is a nice skill to have. Never know when you might need to bust out into a duel for the last pickled food, or the last pork bun. It will happen one day... cheesy Kung Fu movies don't lie!


@luvche21: Look at the last sample picture on the website, it shows the ninja holding a staff. The "rubber band" is his hands. :)


Ok. I might be a bit slow, but these don't look like cheater chopsticks at all. It look like they are regular chopsticks that are tethered together with a rubber line so that when you spin one, it twirls the other up and around like it is doing a round-house kick. Given the band would hold the top of the sticks together-ish, but the general premise of the product isn't teaching, its kicking fun.