dealsapple iphone 5 90s tpu jelly soft case 75% off…


Not sure I understand the downvote hate on this one... enlighten me?


I'm guessing it's the vendor.


@djp519: Ridiculous, Those tpu cases are great, and it's a fine price. Sheep have entered Woot voting. Stop them before they vote for Obama too!


@djp519: Im guess because it is Apple related, a few people initally downvoted it, then when everybody saw negative numbers, they just followed suit.


@teenracer6: it's an apple related thing. I don't hate apple, I feel that they are under-performing and do not deserve the praise their fans give them.


@djp519: It's what the cool kids are doing!!


I hope it is not the vendor because I have nothing but good experiences with them.


@andrasko15: Oh I understand. I only have an iPod because Zune was a flop. Otherwise, im Apple-free.


its because they didn't get their hands on iP5 yet or recently acquired iP4S


Hey these look exactly like the ones for the Iphone 4. It's almost like iphone4 and iphone5 they ARE THE EXACT SAME PHONE.


@justabandnerd: hmmm, except the iphone 5 was recently benchmarked by PC Mag and others as being the fastest mobile phone currently available in the entire world. It seems they actually did make some changes?


@justabandnerd: Uhmm the 4 and 4s where the same pretty much, but iphone 5 has a 4inch screen.


@justabandnerd: Ok dude. Go out and buy an iPhone 4 case for your new iPhone 5. Have fun with that!


Guys. Don't feed the troll.


Again, wooters don't vote based on whether it's a good deal anymore. They vote on popularity, and whether it's a product they like/or don't in this case. Price is usually only a 2nd or 3rd factor when voting.

This site USED to be about the deals... not so much lately. OK... we get it... you don't like Apple products. However, you can't deny that they have a HUGE sales base, and that a cover for under $5 is actually a really GREAT deal. So the downvotes can't be because of the deal... so why the hate??? Oh yeah... the anti-fanboy fanboys.


Ahh, 'cause they are ugly. They can even give them away for free, in my opinion I don't see a good deal! Would you buy a pink one for your phone? Or a magenta? or a bright green?


@jheppner: I really doubt that's actually what's happening. I didn't bother to vote on this deal one way or the other, but when I first saw it, I rolled my eyes and though "ANOTHER iPhone case? I own like seven of these things."

I'm not sure why people keep assuming that the vote system is manipulated entirely by perceived popularity of a deal and sheeple feeling like they have to vote along with the crowd (for what, acceptance??). It just isn't a very exciting or unique deal.


Sweet cases here. I needed something that showcased the phone that wasnt $50. I didnt get the one displayed tho, they have a bunch of cool ones once u go to their page


I don't have an iPhone, but I voted it up because I think it is a good deal. 75% off, free shipping, price looks good = good deal in my book. And yes, I would buy a pink one or purple, if I did have an iPhone.


Is there a coupon code for this that makes it free shipping and adds the screen protector?


I have had nothing but great experience with this company and this is a solid deal. The mindless down voting is frustrating.


@videowallart: vote for who you want just not Romney! Off shore bank accounts what an American- reject