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When will they learn...Woot!ers have a thing against jewelry.
I mean...geez...the silly UV wand doesn't even have as many downvotes...


@offline999: It's not just "jewelry". You have to sign up to even get to their webpage.
Edit: Also, the woot member who posted this seems to have a knack for submitting much-hated woot deals. Eh.


You don't have to sign up. They ask you to, but just click the little x and that window goes away.

PrettyWootPrincess seems to do especially bad when he or she posts "girly" things, like women's shoes, makeup and jewelry. Is it possible that male wooters don't like cooties up in their clubhouse?


@starryc84: as a female wooter, I'm generally unimpressed by the "girly" things here. I'd rather buy one or two nice pieces of jewelry than a bunch of cheap novelty pieces that will fall apart/tarnish irrepairably/reflect their price in looks.

Sure, some ladies like to buy twenty pairs of shoes in a year, but how long do they keep them? If it's not for at least one year, it's not worth it to me. (Of course, I just replaced my 8-year-old Birkenstock sandals this summer. With another pair of the same model. For about $20 more than I paid back in 2004. All said, that's not bad.)

Maybe other female wooters are similarly oriented toward the practical.


@sarianna: Well said. Another reason jewelry deals tend to take a beating is the unpleasant business model of claiming a silly high MSRP and then advertising them as 80-95% off. Large national retailers try the same thing but it's no less icky then either.