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the website shows free shipping as well. I bought this last time it was on sale. Try code SEARS2014 to get an extra 5 bucks off.


These can be really handy devices, but note there are just as many 1-star reviews (15) as 5-star reviews.


dont leave it out in the rain it will not charge again at leat mine didnt.


Here is the scoop on jump start packs

1. Unless you buy a jumper packe that specifically states the battery can be replaced you have to realize this will become junk after a couple of years
2. You have to keep a charge on the gell cell battery that is in a jumper pack or it will not last. This means bringing it inside to get a full charge routinely even if it is not used. (every other week)
3. I live in Florida where the heat robs the life out of batteries. Leave this in a locked car where the temp is 20-40 degree higher and battery life is shortened.
4.There are electric components inside the device. The heat from the car melted the onboard flashlight on my last pack. Expect heat and moisture to compromise circuitry
5. New Gel cell batteries cost about as much as this whole unit
6. Made in China or not if the Western company specify cheap it will be made cheap

With this knowledge you have to decide if a Jumper Pack is right for you.


@gwagg: Good tips. I have a Stanley (with USB, cigarette lighter port, air compressor and LED light... no fancy digital display tho.) that is going on 5 years and running strong. But I keep it indoors and top off the charge about once per month.


@gwagg: Perhaps I got an usually good one... but I have this same jump starter. I used it all winter on my ailing battery when the temps got low and it wouldn't crank. I charged it like a year ago. Jumped my car 3 times before it hit 60 something percent and needed to be topped off (this was after sitting for a year). Last time I charged it was after a power outage that lasted 24 hours or so. I was able to use the light to do stuff around the house and use the usb to keep our phones topped off. My only gripe is the usb port isn't flush against the front housing, so the usb cable has to be kind of crooked to charge. This is a sign of potentially cheap craftsman- (Sears, HA!) -ship. YMMV
TL:DR - Mine works fine, kept indoors, but usb port looks cheap.


I keep a jump pack in my car all the time. I've used it to help an elderly lady at the post office and a few family members. Heck, even used it on a several camping trips to charge my cell phone.

The reason for its purchase - I had a bum battery in my Subaru and on two occasions I could not start my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot. While waiting, I was accosted by grifters looking for money. Never, I say, never again.