dealscraftsman anvil pruner for $3.99


Picked up two of the bypass pruners for $4.99 a few weeks ago and they were a great deal. I did the in store pick up and the clerk could not believe how little I paid for them. Going to order a few of these as well because if they are as good as the bypass ones this is a great deal too.


LOL,ordered three and they're ready fo pickup.Stand back I have some shrubs to trim!


"I would never use anvil pruners! Never ever, unless something needed to be pruned right then and there, and it was the only tool I had beside my teeth."

Comment above from the following link --> Anvil versus Bypass: Link

I agree, I never use Anvil pruners.


@missellienc: I cut back dead wood and invasive plants all the time so this is a good buy for me.


@missellienc: You may prefer a bypass pruner, but when your anvils really need to be pruned, nothing does a better job than an anvil pruner.

Of course an alternate option seldom mentioned is to just get anvils that don't grow so quickly, then you won't need anvil pruning to begin with.


@lparsons42: Thumbs up to you for making me laugh! I copied my comment from a post on SlickDeals because I thought it was funny.

Back on topic, my landscape architect recommends bypass pruners so that's what I've always used.


@missellienc: Great link, man.
Very good points in that article. Was considering purchasing it, but you and that article have dissuaded me. Thank you!