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The "fine print" says the voucher may be used towards shipping, not free shipping.
It is still good since a lot of them do not let you use it towards shipping, but shipping on flowers is usually expensive, so for the whole thing to be $30, it will be a Very Small arrangement!
Luckily, it's the thought that counts!


You can use this code to get an additional $3.00 off. Think it expires today though (May 5th)

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@cindyross: You can purchase any amount of flowers for any price & use the $30.00 gift card in addition to any other payment method you like to use. What the fine print shows is you may also apply part of the gift card towards shipping.


I bought this deal a few weeks ago. FYI, regular shipping costs are $12.99 + care and handling $2.99 + tax (FL) $1.65. ProFlowers also has a one week guarantee for their flowers. Last year my mother-in-law got flowers that were browning and drooping on the second day. I called and they sent new ones, which arrived already bloomed with brown edges. I contacted them again and since I had bought it with a Livingsocial code, they gave me another code, apparently credited the $15 back to my livingsocial account (which I discovered months later!), and gave me a credit for the full price of the order (~$42) for any of their six websites. While the flowers might not always arrive the best, especially around very busy holidays, their customer service is great!


@jennnnlian: Completely agree. I've been ordering from Proflowers for probably ~8 years. During this time I've has several issues with orders. Example, I paid extra for a fancy mosaic vase and the recipient received just a plain clear glass vase. Proflowers has always been quick to apologize, offer to correct the problem and/or refund the money paid. ON TOP OF THAT, I've received an apology letter in the mail containing a gift card for a future purchase (Think it had 30 bucks on it!). So though I've had my issues, their customer service has always been top notch.

But I've got to point out the fact that this is one business model that cannot redeem full points with great customer service. If you fail to deliver my flowers to my wife on our anniversary, you've ruined the moment. Period. Proflowers will continue to get my business, but I must say I've been pretty upset with them in the past...


If you use Ebates to buy this deal you get 4% cash back from Living Social. Turn around and use Ebates to order your flowers thru Proflowers for another 16% cash back. Ebates also has 20% off orders of $39+.


I tried this deal off Groupon and found out that I couldn't use any other coupon code. It wasn't a "giftcard" per se, but a redemption code that made all other "deals" not work. After I added in all the extra fees I wasn't all that happy with the deal considering there were coupon codes that were close to the same offer. If the deal was able to be combined that would have been completely different. Does anyone know if you can purchase other specials/use 25% off coupon codes with the Living Social deal?


I purchased this deal off Living Social yesterday and used it right away to purchase flowers for Mother's Day. The arrangement I picked out was $31.99, but with shipping and handling fees another $22 was tacked on, so I ended up paying close to $35 to have flowers shipped to my mom on Thursday, much less (to have them sent on Saturday or Sunday would have cost another $20 on top!). So yeah, it's a "deal"


ProFlowers is great at saying sorry but I don't think I've ever heard of someone having a good experience with them. My Mom got her mother's day flowers wilted and the chocolate was melted. The UPS driver just left them on the porch and didn't ring the bell. Sure they credited me back and gave me a gift certificate but she still got a pool of chocolate and crappy flowers. I've since started going to local florists, it's usually less money for nicer flowers.


@jennnnlian: I'd disagree. I have had the same experience and believe me, hearing my mom complain about the horrible flowers (when always sends nice ones), complaining, and having the re-order look worse is NOT good customer service at all. They had a second chance to get it right and failed miserably.