dealsoutdoor cushion storage bag for $6.95


Shipping is $5.95 for purchases up to $14.99. Save on shipping by buying more, more, more!



Me: I'm going to blame YOU if I go broke this month buying all these deals!!
You: Huh?? It's not MY fault!!
Me: I didn't say it's your fault -- I just said I'm going to blame you!


@magic cave: Sorry 'bout that!

I realized that I could get two of these and still squeak in under the cap for $5.95 shipping, so that's what I just did. One for the boat (where we do have cushions on the deck furniture) and one for home (where the patio is a nightmare of doghouses and grills and furniture that NEEDS cushions, but a girl can hope, right?).

Hopefully this will make it easier to find all of those random cushions that seem to wander off between uses.