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Would be nice if something like "massager" was added to title. I had no clue what a Healthmate Forever is.


@shortman: I think it's a sextoy. Weird name for a sextoy though.


These machines essentially send an electric current to your muscles via sticky wired pads that are stuck on two areas each. Like one pair on each shoulder, or one on a neck and another on your lumbar. It is kinda like when you put an electric current to a frog leg in biology class, but it can help sore muscles. I have one of the tens units that Woot had a few months ago and it is descent but has a few less features than this one. The only thing disapointing is that when the cycles are over, you are likely asleep and still have wires stuck where you cannot easily remove them.

This particular unit appears to be a knockoff of a US product that has to fight the feds to be in business.

The "english" in the description is a hint that I am correct, and otherwise there was a search on Amazon with warnings about a knock off for sale.


These are in fact Healthmate Forever Pro-8AB Massagers which treat Acute and Chronic Pain. They are not Knock-off's and are 100% Authentic directly from the Manufacturer. Furthermore they are one of the the only such Massagers on the Market with full FDA Approval. Any additional questions please feel free to contact us

Thank You


I'd see a real doctor if I had "Acute and Chronic Pain", as ambiguous as that phrase is.


Ok, I never heard of this either, but I'm a sucker for good deals. I picked one up, hoping it might relieve some my wife's back pain.

Reviews on Amazon are outstanding:


Are we sure this is NOT actually a sex toy, thinly disguised as some medical quackery, I mean tool for, "acute and chronic pain".


@tensunitmassagers, Thanks for coming buy and sharing and for making a change to the title to make it obvious what your product is.


I callded Healthmate International and they said over the phone they only sell through their own 3 sites. They are familiar with the site and are selling knock-offs. Do you have proof you are getting these from the manufacturer @tensunitmassagers?


@ubyoo We are an international based company and have been selling Tens Unit Massagers for almost a decade internationally.

Our goal is to help, treat acute and chronic pain suffers, with the same devices physical therapists and chiropractors use at an affordable price. Our products are directly purchased from the Manufacturer's at wholesale prices.

If you were a manufacturer of pain relieving massagers, trying to sell your product at nearly $400 would you like a wholesaler selling them at such a low wholesale price (You'd Deny it :) )?

Many of us suffer from pain, we like to help give people relief from there pain at affordable prices.

How would you like us to prove these are Authentic? An Invoice?
For obvious reasons personal information like Bank Account Info, Product Pricing Info, Etc... has been removed.


@tensunitmassagers - Umm, that's a totally empty invoice, not a redacted invoice. Not sure how that is proof of anything. Just saying ...


@xsighter No it is "whited out" instead of "blacked out".

Geez tough crowd.


@tensunitmassagers - Either way, there is no information there to show the proof you are trying to show. Anyone could take an invoice and put the name and address for Healthmate in there. Takes about 5 minutes.

No problem with you, just your "proof" doesn't seem to provide any proof. Tough crowd or not, at least put forth a bit more credible proof if you are going to try to put forth any. Like, an actual photo of the item, not a stock photo that can be found on the internet. Between that, the poor website rating from the link provided above, and the poor Engrish on the website, I unfortunately will not be a buyer. I could really use something like this, too. :(


@xsighter Thank you for your opinion.

Unfortunately we can not please everybody. However we do our best.

As stated we started this specific website for the sole purpose to bring great quality products for pain relief at an affordable price to everyone.

You state you can use a product like this, if it's pain relief you need, we highly recommend purchasing a tens unit massager,

We have numerous reviews on our website about our products. Stating everything from the quality of the products to how it is helped with there pain.

Thank You
Tens Unit Massagers


Can someone tell me what comes in it?? How many on?

Also what is the different between the other Father's Day deal buy one get one free at $119??


LEGAL STATEMENT FROM Healthmate International, LLC
Dear customers,
Be aware!!! and are scam. They are selling knock off HealthmateForever TENS EMS massagers, which do not honor lifetime warranty. This site has no USA company name and physcial address.
Please check
The Owner of the websites: Australia, Server: Russia.
This company has never ordered HealthmateForever products. Please verify with authenticity of HealthmateForever TENS unit massagers.
Our lawyer is taking legal action against the counterfeit infrigement of HealthmateForever TENS unit massagers which are selling at these two websites.
Legal Department
Healthmate International, LLC


We ordered ours before all the drama comments and website arguing. I can say we were worried but we did get the unit and the shipping was fast. I looked at everything and compared to what is available for pictures on the web and appears 100% legit. If it is fake I cannot tell. I think some other websites are just upset over the pricing. Wife is using it right now and we'll see how it goes but for now working great and 100% real deal. Thank you very much Glad we got a great product and at a reasonable price. : )