dealsinnergie 95w universal adapter (new) for $29.99…


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Not a bad price for a new universal adapter. Woot had posted a Targus recertified one for $9.99 + $5 shipping a month ago though.

And if ya don't feel like splicing wires, these are a great alternative to making your own out of scraps you find in the closet!


Just as a for instance.. I got a new hp laptop adapter on e-bay for $6.97 delivered last week. shipped from So. Cal. I realize the multi plug aspect is a plus for some but you could buy a couple for less $


@videowallart: And that's great if all you've got are devices that only take that one input!


Need something like this for a portable dvd player would it work. I'd hate to waste 30 bucks if not


@isuftin: Funny thing is... the company sells different models. so unless you have over 5 laptops that you are never going to want to use at the same time...


@rulzwrld: I saw that article, good one. I have a little experience with a knock-off Apple Cube adapter, and I do concur. Also, I wooted the HP TouchPad and found a good deal on the charging stand, so I even have a spare HP TouchPad adapter, which is the top shelf in their tests.
@jhaywire: Props for mentioning the hacker method! I have the pieces, soldering iron, heat-shrink tubing, etc. to Frankenstein up a 95W adapter for my girlfriend's Dell...