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This is even cheaper than buying at Harbor Freight! Same quality, though, and I won't be surprised if they rolled out of the same factory but with a red (instead of orange) paint job.

Seriously, it'll work, but Craftsman stuff these days aren't built to the same quality and durability as Craftsman stuff of yore.


Always when it's not in my budget.

Does anyone know if the jack is Truck/SUV height?

Edit: Nevermind. Helps if I click around. The jack is standard lift height of 16 3/4". The high lift jack is 20". So if you have a Jeep, FJ Cruiser, or other vehicle with high ground clearance, You should probably pass on this.


@zollars23: Jack has a lifting capacity of 3 tons (6,000 lbs.) and a lifting range of 5-1/2 to 19-1/4 in. The description says max height of 19-3/4", but it's 19-1/4". I don't know where you got 16-3/4".


@thebopster: you're looking at the height of the jack stands, not the jack.


@zollars23: One of us is wrong.
Jack has a lifting capacity of 3 tons (6,000 lbs.) and a lifting range of 5-1/2 to 19-1/4 in.

The jack stands feature a wide stance and welded steel construction for stability and have a supporting range from 11-1/4 in. to 16-3/4 in.


I've owned this same set for about 10 years now. It lifted my '97 F150 XLT Lariat with no problems. The chocks work but I never trusted them in anything bigger than a Cavalier.

I recommend.


@zollars23: It depends on where you lift from. There are plenty of approved lift points on most vehicles. My pickup sits pretty high and this jack lifts just fine. It's also lifted an F250, Ram Wagon and an E3500 van.


I bought a Harbor Freight jack (3 ton) a couple years ago, and the ** thing is leaking now. I can jack things up fine, but I have to hurry and place the jack stands underneath before it lowers too far down. Thought maybe my Durango was too heavy (3 tons? I doubt it) for it, but it also does it on my wife's car too. Thought I missed out on this sale, but at 12:57AM CST, the coupon still works. I know people with Craftsman jacks and they've had no problems in 5+ years with them. So I bought this set as the jack alone is worth the $75. Thank you OP!!!


@zollars23: I have a couple sets of three ton Craftsman jack stands, but when I got my first 4WD this year I realized they weren't going to work for the height. I got a pair of six tonners from Harbor Freight that I've found sturdy as hell, albeit quite heavy. They'll have the height you need, and I trust my life to them. Also, they go on sale quite frequently, I got mine for thirty bucks...


@desynergy: I've had this same model of Craftsman floor jack for over a decade now, and although it's beat to hell, scratched up, and I've misplaced the plate, it still works as strong as ever. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, or to trust my life to it.