dealsrosewill rvhs5-11002 5-in / 1-out hdmi switch…


HDCP Version: HDCP 1.2

Support HDMI Resolution: 1080p 24fs / 1080P / 1080i / 720P / 576P / 576i / 480P / 480i

Support Video Color Format: xv-YCC / deep color 36bit

Support Audio Format: DTS-HD/true-HD/LPCM7.1/AC3/DTS/DSD

Date Transfer Speed: 6.75 Gbps


I don't own this model,but a "dumb"box for analog 3 cables come out into on 3 cable box. My DVR box is not digital neither is anything else except (not even XBOX) Blue Ray player.

I got that at Walmart store for $19.99 very happy.

But these HDMI boxes are very needed.


Aww I needed one of these too... =(*


@nachokingp: No matter, if they are the same price at Wally World, it wasn't much of a deal.

On the other hand, can you really put a price on not having to enter that place?


Sold out! Walmart does NOT have this as others have stated...


Dead now, but this was a pretty good deal. I have my desktop and a cable box running through one of these things to a TV. Works great, better then any kind of HDMI splitter or anything.


Grrr! I needed this! My tv only has 3 hdmi & w/ my Xbox, PS3, Wii, Roku, Mac Mini, 3-D Blue Ray Player & Cable I'm always having to get behind my tv & switch them out! Urgh! It was sold out so quickly! Why? Was that a really good price or unit?