deals▷ space saving bags - 16pc deluxe set just $18…


4 Jumbo Bag(33" x 44")
4 Extra Large Bags(22" x 38")
4 Large Bags(20" x 28")
2 Hanging Bag (22" x 39")
2 Travel Bags (35" X 22")
Free 1 Year Warranty
Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Cell Phone Booster $20 Value
Free E-Cards $20 Value"

I'm not sure about the last two... :-/

Anyone bought from this site before?


The cell phone booster is a free gift that is offered just as an added bonus with each order. You can read more about that at This set was very popular with our KGB deal customers and we wanted to extend this offer for the Spring cleanup season!


Coupon code still works! Higher shipping costs, but for this price, nearly makes up for it, and if you buy 3 get one free, definitely a deal!