dealszhumell 25x30 bring em near pirate spyglass for…


I had to vote for this because it just looks so cool! The site looks interesting, too. I wondered if there was a fee to join but when I read the FAQs it clarified it's free. Intriguing.


It does look cool. I think I need to own one. ARRRRRRRR Matey!


@palady: Yes, it's flash sale and TheFoundary it's legit. Registration is free. It's the flash sale arm of Hayneedle, which is a Woot sponsor (you'd see mods posting their deals once in a while).

Lots of very nice homeware stuff.


I have one of these, and while it is awesome, it isn't especially useful as a looking glass. It's easy to get your eyelashes in the way, and it's hard to stabilize free hand. But it looks cool!


Yes, curse those antiquey telescopes with no optical stabilization! What were they thinking?