dealsbloomin onion w/purchase outback steakhouse mon…


They seem to be giving these free quite often recently. I wonder if sales on Bloomin Onions are way down since people are being a little more health consious in their food choices?
These things are really good but are just loaded with fat, calories, sodium & other bad things---but then again, if they were healthy they wouldn't taste so good. IE: an appetizer of carrots & celery vs a Bloomin Onion???


@donslin: Yea, they are quite bad for you. All of their appetizers are now officially "to share": mainly because they are so laden with fat and calories. The Bloomin Onion has almost 2000 calories itself, with a boatload of saturated fat to go with it. There are officially 6 servings (326 calories each) in a full Bloomin Onion.


Ordered a soft drink for $3 and enjoyed a free bloomin' onion. MMmmmmm calories!