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At that price, go with a Nexus 7. Less crapware, and much quicker updates straight from Google. Plus more power. Only thing the Nexus 7 doesn't give is a MicroSD slot, which could be a big dealbreaker for some. For me, it hasn't made a difference personally.


I own a Nexus 7. I agree that it is a nice tab. I ordered the Galaxy Tab 2 for one reason, because of the rear facing camera missing on the Nexus 7. I don't use the front facing but a rear facing would be great when surveying jobs etc.


Tempted, but after my $1,400 Samsung LCD crapped out after two years due to a known issue, I can't justify buying anything from Samsung. They claimed they had no knowledge of the issue until they settled in court.


I bought a refurbed Galaxy about a year ago - have had great luck with it. Does everything I want it to do and hasn't konked out on me in any way.


I was recently deciding between the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy tab 2. I ended up going with the Samsung because it seemed like the Nexus had some kinks that should be worked out first (screen separating from unit, touchscreen becoming unresponsive, etc...) I bought the galaxy and have had it for a couple weeks now and I love it.


This seems a little high priced to me for a refurb, in light of the brand-new competition. Unless the rear camera and microSD slot are a must, $10 more gets a higher-res screen (1280x800 was my own threshold before getting a 7" tablet). More processing power might not matter for most people.

Side note: the Nexus 7 can use flash drives (like the tiny ones 1/4 the size of the plug) with the right USB OTG adapter. And mine, bought at the end of July, so far hasn't had any problems.


@eidelbus: Indeed, the Nexus 7 can use flash drives (or any external drive for that matter). The case I bought for mine is: and it included an OTG cable and a screen protector.


@eidelbus: A cable? Not interested.
What I would like, though is some G. 3 would work, but 4 would be preferable.
Of course, this deal doesn't have it either.

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People have reported getting 3G dongles to work with the Nexus 7. In theory a decent Android device can do that, if you have a port.


@eidelbus: Does that allow use of the cheaper tablet-only data plans?
when I search for Nexus 7 3G or 4G, all I get is rumors that it's coming in October....or something.

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a 'New' version of this tablet on sale this week at Microcenter for $199


@mikehunt: You know the rules, link or leave.


Yeah, a search of microcenter doesn't even return that they sell the thing