dealspapa john's - 50% off any large pizza for onlineā€¦


Works great for me in FL. A large with just cheese is $5.50, a large 1-topping is $6.13, a large 2 topping is $6.75 and a large 3 topping is $7.38. From 4 to 10 toppings is $7.50.

But most importantly, you can use the code as many times as you want on the same order!


Let the silliness begin!


Great deal, awesome pizza. If you hate Papa John's and would rather support some local pizza place, fine, but please, keep all the stupidity and snippy comments out of here and take your frustrations out on some other site. Thank you :-)


Yeah! I love Papa Johns. I'm buying two. One for my family and one for my anti-capitalist neighbor.


@giro: why would someone post a deal KNOWING that I don't like this chain of pizza. How could they? Did you know that Papa John's kills children and enslaves monkeys to make his pizza!?!


will this work for me in VA???


you couldn't pay me to eat papa johns pizza-the CEO is a Delta Bravo


silly comment

PAPA JOHN pizza might be good might be bad. I will never buy anything from a company that cuts their employees hours in order to deny them coverage under thinly veiled indignance against Obamacare.


I guess that whole cutting employee benefits threat worked out well......Nobody Lies, Whines and Complains like Papa......


@carlosarnold: If Papa John's founder and CEO John Schnatter had just kept his mouth shut instead of alienating 1/2 the pizza buying public then there would be no need to ask those folks who find his business tacticts repulsive to censor themselves. I might have considered buying his pizza but I will not buy his his company will get no business from me. Fail!!!
Ironically, it's generally accepted that business owners tend to lean Republican so, there are likely millions of them who share Schnatter's views. They're just smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves and concentrate their PR message on selling me their products. Winning!!!


@bigray57: That one turret is all mine - I built that - well, at least all of the pizza I purchased paid for it! I LOVE THE PAPA!


I've never had Papa John's pizza but it seems just about every week there is some kind of deal like this. It makes me wonder if the pizza is so great, why would they have to sell it at 1/2 price or have deals so often?
Whenever I go by the store, there doesn't seem to be many, if any, customers there.
On the other hand, our most popular local pizza shop has up to a 2 - 2 1/2 hr wait on Friday or Saturday nights and their pizza is always the same price.


@boydrew: everyone knows monkeys make the best pizza


@donslin: But the real question is: Do they offer their employees healthcare?


Papa John's can eat my peperoni and meatballs. I'll never spend a penny with that organization.


@bigray57 I hate first cars and asses, especially busted ones. I bet you're totally rich.


50% off? How can they possibly afford this?

And here I thought I'd be paying 14 cents MORE for this poopy* pizza....



Here is San Antonio a Large Meat pizza is listed at $16.99. That makes this "deal" $8.50 plus tax. I don't consider that much of a deal...


May I please remind everyone that this is HALF OFF A LARGE PIZZA. Not HATE ON PAPA JOHN.

Thank you :)


I'd like the large, hold the fascism!


Wow! I've never been overly fond of PJ's but I did not know he was against Obamacare. From now on I'm a regular customer. I also bought an AR15 yesterday while I still can. Big magazines, too.


Yawn. Same tired rants every week. Clearly your little boycott is working. I mean, the whole company went out of business and he had to sell the castle that gets posted every week.

See you next week, trolls! Keep those hats shiny!


I just don't do Papa John's pizzas any more, after he tried to screw his own employees on healthcare.


@trevornt: if CEO John wants to voice his political opinions then I will voice mine.
I will not buy his pizza not only because I disagree with the way he treats his employees but also because there are many other better chain pizza places to eat that don't alienate roughly 1/2 the population of our country.


F^*@ Papa John's - the pizza sucks and they treat workers like garbage.

I'll gladly pay more at a local pizzeria.


I would buy a frozen DiGiorno and bake it myself than to give this rich carpetbagging @sshole a penny...He's got his...screw all the rest of "little people".


@giro: It's a family business. The owner's family runs it along with a couple of high-school kids that work the counter, answer the phone for orders and serve the dine-in customers. Those kids would likely be on their parent's insurance.
However, if I was mlooking for a job that offered full benefits, including healthcare, a pizza shop isn't where I'd be looking! Those types of jobs are routinely part-time jobs and usually high-school or college age kids---or maybe an older worker that is just doing a second part-time job.
Unless you manage the place, these types of places are not expected to be careers.


@mikecostas: Well good for you. The point I'm trying to get across is that this is not (supposed to be) a discussion about the politics of Papa John's, this is a discussion about the deal being offered.


Papa John's house is pretty awesome. And I love their pizza.




@trevornt: "Well good for you. The point I'm trying to get across is that this is not (supposed to be) a discussion about the politics of Papa John's, this is a discussion about the deal being offered."
This is an excellent point.

(I haven't had Papa John's in years. Trying to eat better.)


Works in Baton Rouge, La. Good pizza for a good price.


This deal is invalid in Houston, TX. Makes me feel not as bad about getting one at regular price yesterday.


Everyone with the negative comments should read this article before you judge a guy from a headline you saw somewhere.

Whether or not you are politically aligned with him, he seem's like a good guy and it's great pizza. I'm in for one!


Thanks for the sweet deal!

To all of you bitching: I'm sorry, but Papa Johns is a place for high schoolers to work. It's not a high end corporation, and I don't feel like healthcare is a requirement. For those that do: I guess Taco Bell, McD's, Your local grocery stores and movie theater should also provide this. I'm sorry you couldn't amount to more with your life; I hear Canada has healthcare for everyone though. They might be happy to provide it for you, eh? That being said, congrats to him on his giant castle! I hope to one day hire a bunch of high school-level employees to make me billions too!


@webgenie: So by "screw all the little people" you mean charge 14 extra cents for a pizza and give $30 million to charity?


I ordered a large with everything on 53% of the pizza and nothing on the 47%.


@bigray57: I find it funny that you would boycott this because the guy figured out a way to make a lot of money. Sounds like you are jealous!!


It looks like the value of this deal really depends on your local prices - for me a large specialty pizza would be $8.00, and a large one-topping pizza would be $6.75 with this deal. So I find it worthwhile - either to feed me and my roommate or have two days or more worth of pizza for myself.

As for the taste, it's all relative. As in, this is much tastier than Dominoes or Pizza Hut but probably won't compare to most decent local pizza places. And I do get a full-body grease sensation when I eat too much of it.


If they outlaw pizza, only outlaws will have pizza!


@carlosarnold: Nothing sets off the Deals community more than deleted deals and PIZZA.


I love you guys!!! <3 <3 <3


Oh so the guy delivering your pizza at 11pm at night...risking life and a High Schooler and therefore also doesn't deserve healthcare? If you deserve healthcare...period!

What anti-American Americans we have in this country


by the way Giro..."those kids" on their parents healthcare....can now stay on their parents insurance through college THANKS to Obamacares!


@inkycatz: Any time you skip Papa Johns you're eating better ;-)


Me and my co-workers liked it just fine. fed 3 people for $18 with leftovers.


@jbw072287: "You should all be banned from commenting on deals all together."

DOWNVOTE well earned.


keep your politics off my pizza.