deals24 inch pick-up & reach tool for $5.99 + freeā€¦


don't these come for free when you get your tax-payer-funded I'm-too-fat-to-walk-scooter from tv?


This is the crappiest version of a reacher/grabber out there -- it is flimsy, the little cups on the grabbing end break off, the button that keeps it extended breaks, don't waste your money.


@kamikazeken: How do you see with your head up your ass?


@kamikazeken: Some "skinny's" have a condition called osteoporosis... That's quite painful & makes bending impossible


@dnlkolender: my grandfather was a bilateral amputee ww2 vet and used one of these to do basic everyday things that we take for granted. that's why the comment offended me.


My local 99 Cents Only Store has these.


@luke975: Hey I'm with you man, & sorry to hear that. My paternal grandfather had crippling osteoporosis but wasn't overweight; so just making a point to Mr. insensitive up above.

As far as WW2, my other grandpa was there too. Infantry, had the muscles blown out of his right arm during shelling. Never mentally recovered from that hell, either.... but he was a good man & I love him.