dealsworld war z: oral history of the zombie war ebook…


Great find Thanks! Hopefully it's a good book.


Great use of the "bacon" tag.


@tuckerpatterson: Hopefully? Man, if you've not read it, you're in for a treat. It's friggin awesome.


@txdave13: I think so too, one of my favorites.

@sunshyn1331: ha ha, just stuck that in because they always change the tags anyway, sure enough, they got changed, but they left that one. I guess a few mods still have a sense of humor!


Do NOT confuse this great book with the at-best-average Brad Pitt movie of the same name. As the author Max Brooks said (paraphrasing), "The only part of my book they used was the title."


@i1patrick: This is true, the book and movie are completely different animals but I did enjoy both very much. The book is amazing and I would recommend even to those not really into the Zombie genre, and the movie was enjoyable on it's own as a less gory but still tense kind-of Zombie movie.


Fun Fact: Max Brooks is the son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft
+1 for the movie is nothing like the book