dealskong teddy bear dog toy blowout for $4.99 + freeā€¦


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I'm in for one... (ok, probably two or three)
Purchased the Kong frog awhile back, My pup loved it and it lasted surprisingly long given her destructive tendencies.. Still has it, but its had its fair share of repairs, looks like its time for a couple more.

If anyone is feeling generous, when you sign up @ the use e-mail as a reference which gives me some bonus bucks to purchase more toys for my new puppy.
Thanks for the consideration and generosity!


They're not worth the $5. I ordered 3 last time they were up for sale. My Kelpie and Smooth Collie destroyed all 3 of them in the first afternoon we had them.


I still have the extra squeekers and may be able to be bargained with.


@matt1976: Maybe stuffed/stuffingless animals arent the best choice of toys for your monsters.. lol. try the indestructible toys flooding the market..
For those of us with pets that destroy things a little less swiftly it is a good buy. Most of the damage to ours is from tug-o-war and just rough play... not so much interested in ripping it apart as she would a typical stuffed toy.


Well, my dane is 100lbs over the recommendation, LOL. It's still tempting as he is really careful with his things. He still plays every day with a regular kid's stuffed animal I bought him at a garage sale this spring. I like to buy him toys at garage sales because they come preloaded with interesting smells. But I am afraid this may be too small for him, he likes big toys. His current favorite is a stuffed bird about the size of a 12lb turkey.


@adonisseraph: Most of the damage came from tug o' wars. Neither of them set out to destroy toys, it just sort of happens that way. They get pretty spirited when they play together.

They're just not interested in rope toys and the rubber Kong type toys can't be played with together.


@matt1976: Have you tried the KONG Tuggerknots? Or the KONG Tug Toy?


I've tried similar things, but they really only show interest in stuffed toys. They just wrestle with each other if they don't have stuffed toys.


@matt1976 Try the multi-knotted ropes. I have two destructive puppies (rottie and border collie mix) and the ropie is one of the few things they can tug with.

Those "indestructible" toys with squeakers last about 20 minutes in my house. Wubbas are for fetching in the pool only. Otherwise, they're carrying around an empty shell within the hour - though that does become a tug-of-war toy for a while too.