dealsasus transformer tf300 t-b1-bl 10.1-inch 32 gb…


Thanks for posting this! I just ordered mine. :-)


Done! with 5 left at the time.


hmmmm....still says 5 left...I smell trickery!


@morriea: I don't see a count of remaining stock on my end. I think you may be looking at the number of sellers that have it available for pre-order. As in the are 5 sellers selling these new, not 5 new tablets.

btw, is anyone seeing free shipping on these? I have prime so 2 day shipping is always free.


I wish I like....made money or something


Silly question, but is this the prime?

I thought transformer = Tegra2
transformer prime = tegra 3 (which this has)


Just ordered as well, couldn't wait for the infinity pad.


@brndn84: Thanks for clarifying....not sure where my mind was.
It is available for Free Super Saver have to choose it as shipping option on the 2nd page. I was not in a HUGE hurry so I will save about 8-9 dollars for waiting a day on shipping.

Uh-Oh....I am now an early adopter! YIKES!


@souka: Its very similar to the prime but it comes with a lower end screen but a review by endgadget says the difference is hardly noticeable. Also it has less on-board memory starting out this link from engadget explains the differences


@souka: This is the Transformer Pad 300. Similar specs to the prime but with a plastic back, slightly lower clocked processor, and some other minor cost cutting changes. On the up shot it's 100 bucks cheaper and the GPS should work better than the prime's.

There's going to be a 3rd tegra 3 variant with a 1920x1200 display and I believe it will be dubbed the infinity. It'll likely be around 600 bucks for the 32gb model.

Of course there's possible LTE versions in the future that will not have tegra 3 at all due to a lack of LTE radio support.


@souka: Prime is tf201, this one is apparently a little thicker than the prime.

Until I know for sure that issues like the GPS problems/slower net speeds are fixed I'll wait on this. Asus is a good company, but I try not to early adopt anymore.

ETA: I think that this has some slightly lower specs than the prime model - it costs a great deal less though, so if you were looking to get in on an actual Android tablet (not HP's OS) without making your wallet hate you forever then this is probably for you.


I see... this is the next transformer, not a prime.

1. No ISP+ feature, so viewing in bright sunlight will be more difficult.
2. No flash for your camera. So... can't take photos in the dark.
3. Battery life not as long as on the Transformer Prime.
4. Heavier and thicker then the Prime.
5. Plastic back panel, not metal. Comes in different color options.
6. Slower processor speed (I believe. Not sure about this one)

But... the TF300 is CHEAPER and hopefully they fixed the GPS issue the prime has.

Sweeet device... I'm considering buying it, but will wait for


@dreaodare: Plastic back all but confirms this gps and wifi interference will be fixed.


@brndn84: That's my hope!

It's the "all but" confirms that worries me. ;)


The Infinity may ship with the tegra 3+ and LTE in Q4.
The Prime & Infinity has the Super IPS screen the 300 is Standard IPS.
The Infinity as mentions will be HD 1920x1080 screen.
The Infinity has a metal back but with a plastic strip where the antennas run to fix the signal issue the Prime has.

At $399 for the 32GB model its so close to the Prime but should not have the issues for a fair bit less money. I was drooling over the speck sheet for the infinity but with my laptop dieing and a Q4 ship date likely I pulled the trigger. Hope the 300 will hold me over for a year or two.


This is normal price, so I'm not sure how this is a deal.

For those curious, Anandtech just posted a very in-depth review

Short version compared to Prime: better GPS/wifi, similar performance, worse screen, lower battery life


This is not a deal, this is the standard price. Sorry, I LOVE the tablet and I may end up buying one - and it is a great price - but this is the standard price for the TF300. I come here for deals, not new product announcements.

Here is Android Central's review for those curious:


@ilmater: I guess some of us have a different interpretation of a deal and the purpose of this site.

A deal doesn't have to be a product selling below its MSRP.

Compare what you get with this tablet for what you pay to what you get with the prime or the original transformer, or any other android tablet right now. This is definitely a deal in my book.

The original 16gb transformer retails for about the same price many places.

Also take into consideration how difficult it is to even find a transformer prime in stock somewhere right now, let alone at its OWN MSRP. Looking right now amazon's cheapest price for a prime is nearly 70 dollars above MSRP.

The market decides what a good deal is, it's supply and demand my friend, and according to the lovely members of woot, this has been voted on and confirmed as a deal :)

Next time I'll try to find some cheap lingerie just for you, or perhaps you want some low priced bacon flavored :insert non bacon flavored food here:


Anyone seen any info on whether this thing can run the Windows 8 Consumer Preview? I know that there are a few Android tablets that can...


Pre-order stock seems to be sold out, however you can still reserve one for 399 from amazon.


@morriea: 379 is for the 16gb model, which seems to still be unreleased.

That article is in a word, least when it comes to pricing.

BTW amazon is showing 8-9 days for delivery if bought from them.


@brndn84: I ordered right away this morning and my delivery is scheduled for the 25th. They must have had their first shipment sell out quickly and are taking orders for the next.


@brndn84: Thanks for the info...I ordered last night from Amazon and used Super Saver Shipping...expected 4/27.