dealsportal companion cube cookie jar for $29.99


If only it wasn't so expensive or I actually needed a cookie jar :(

Also note that you are pre-ordering the thing. They aren't being released until April.


@krazyk412: correct, it does come out in April (or SHOULD BE)

that's not a bad price IMO for a cookie jar, and you can use it for other things besides cookies like ummm crackers or chips...


These are available from ThinkGeek now; I just received one for my birthday in the past few days.


Awesome, but I don't want to $30.00 on something that is probably a lie...


Can you put a cupcake in it?


@frescamoe: yes, you can... but only you no one else is allowed to put cupcakes in their cube!

wait wait wait.. it's a weighted companion cube... I wonder what they keep inside it? hmmm


Will this cookie jar talk to me or threaten to stab me?


I was going to invite your best friend, the Companion Cube, but you murdered him.


In layman's terms: tasty thing goes in, tasty thing comes out.


Wife purchased one of these for me a a gift. I love it. However, it is very clearly hand-made and not done very well. While being hand-made isn't a problem in and of itself -- the blemishes in painting and the inability of the cube to align exactly with its lid is annoying. The heart logo paint job is especially quite poor. I expected a certain amount of clean lines, consistency and definition given the cost and nature of the product. This feels more like a college or high school art project. On that basis I rate it a B-

Not sure why Valve would sign off on licensing this given the lack of craftsmanship. Still nice to have my own companion cube! In fact, the wife even stocked it with portal themed cookies cause she's cool like that.

See images of the cube and cookies here:

**The pink and white cookie decorations are courtesy of my 3 year old. You can also get an idea of the poor paint job I am talking about from these images.


@jeremiahj: Wow, you are right, terrible paint job... :-/ Hopefully they are not all like this... Also, awesome cookies!!