dealsmel brooks collection [blu-ray] for $25.99 + freeā€¦


If you're curious, the only MB movies NOT in the box are: The Producers, Life Stinks and Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Also wanted to mention that a lot of the reviews on Amazon are for a DVD set that came out several years ago.


Buying this set is $3.13 a movie. I wanted to watch Robinhood Men in Tights recently and Amazon would have charged me $3.99 to watch it once digitally. I'm kind of disappointed The Producers isn't included but there's a couple in the set I haven't seen, so hopefully it'll be worth it.


Some one the comments said that they made one of the movies widescreen by just cutting off the top and bottom. It sounds like it's the older poorly edited versions of the movies instead of the newer cleaner versions. I almost jumped on this as a xmas present, but I'm hesitant now. The few movies missing are ones I don't think are that good or are owned already (The Producers). Maybe for a gift, but I would feel disatisfied.


That is a shame, I just bought the same collection "used" from an seller fulfilled by amazon for 30, and it was a steal then!

It comes in one large box, and all the blurays are on "pages" inside of the box (much like a book). The discs were all without scratch and all played on the ps3 and my desktop's bluray player


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The reason I bought these was for the directors commentary, it was not what I expected it to be. While most directors commentaries seem to have the director watching the movie and making comments, these seemed to be long ramblings about writing the script, finding financial backers and studios and somewhat uninteresting stories about some of the actors. None of which had anything to do with what was going on int he movie at all and generally didn't last the entire movie.

So... interesting commentary? maybe. But if you are looking for some traditional commentary that you thought would be funny... not so much,


Every Jewish girls dream gift! TOo bad I have over half the movies mentioned. Should I get it anyway? Sure, why not!


This was on my Amazon wishlist and when I saw it as the lightning deal I had to get it. It is worth double what I paid and with free super saver shipping you can not go wrong.


@grimor: If it's the same commentary on the old DVDs I've got, then the Blazing Saddles one isn't a commentary at all but an interview with Mel Brooks about the movie that they put on as an audio track. It's got nothing to do with what's on the screen.

Young Frankenstein, though, is actual commentary. Unfortunately, Brooks did no prep at all, and he hadn't seen the movie in a while, so he just rambles about what is on the screen.

I have seen all these movies, but the only ones that hold up to repeat viewings for me are Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and High Anxiety. I can watch those over and over again. The others have their moments, but they are scattered. Spaceballs, in particular, was years too late and isn't as good as Hardware Wars.


Great price when you consider that the discount price for the DVD set at Costco a few years ago was $33


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