dealsgiant plush microbes bogo free for $4.00


Just a couple of things...
1. Technically they are each $8.00, so while in the end you get 2 for $8 resulting in an over $4 each cost..this is still a bit misleading.
2. I'm glad these are still "stocking stuffers"
3. Unless someone can find a free shipping code, Thinkgeek shipping costs are usually a deal breaker.

Rant over...moving on :)


I went through the checkout with 8 total microbes (the minimum to get over $30 ordering only these) and took a screenshot of the resulting total with the SCIFIDINER discount code applied and the cheapest shipping option. Total? $33.75 (I didn't buy them, I did this for the research).

Here's the screenshot:


Shipping for me was quoted as $5.79. Added two to the cart; it did NOT show a price reduction. Maybe it would have if I had continued. Didn't because I felt the shipping was too much. Might be okay for others. They are cute - I wanted 2 bookworms to drape across books in my library. Oh, well. :-(


@dxdn as stated above, the BOGO offer cannot be combined with other offers. Sorry if that was confusing, I just included the coupon code as a sidenote for people not interested in the microbes.

And yeah, I'm not a fan of the pricey shipping.


I love these things..I sent my friend the crabs....another mad cow ( thankfully she had a sense of humour ) and my other friend yeast ( infection ). heeeeeeeeeee They loved them.


@mallen256: Actually, it can be combined. If it was not, the price would have been around $65-$70.

@gmwhit: The discount didn't show up for me until I logged in and went all the way through to the final check out page (right before one would buy).

If you look at the screenshot, you will see that I have 4 of one microbe and 4 of another. For four of the first microbe, the cost is $31.96 (4 x $7.99). For the second four, the cost is $0.00 (the BOGO being applied). Shipping is $6.79 (varies incrementally depending on number of microbes selected). Then the $5.00 is taken off, so it's $31.96 + $6.79 - $5.00 = $33.75.


made it to final checkout, 8 of em for $35 shipped UPS Ground

sounds good to me thx :)


Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, & Mononucleosis make great Valentine's Day presents.