dealshalo 4 xbox 360 game microsoft for $23.99 + freeā€¦


This is less than half-price! Enjoy Halo 4: CALL OF HALO today!!!


Pretty good deal. I don't think I have seen Halo 4 at a price this low before.

As a heads up to anyone wishing to purchase this game... there are two discs-- the first is the game disc, the second is the multiplayer installation disc. You must install the second disc to your xbox in order to play the multiplayer. If you have an Arcade Xbox 360 you may want to consider purchasing an 8gb flash drive to install the multiplayer.


Fry's matches online prices.
I think I'll be visiting a Fry's after work today.
Thanks guys!


@skutir: Most places call or verify "in-stock" status before matching prices. Unfortunately, if the item is out-of-stock they will not honor a price match.


@jyoz22: I have never had any of the stores around me do this. If they saw an ad or online ad the just price matched if it was the same product.


@segafanalways: Everytime I try to price match at BestBuy they have the store manager verify in-stock availability first. Maybe I've just had really bad luck.

I checked Best Buy's policies online:
"If the item is out of stock or the competitor has advertised as limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for price matching."

Fry's policy:
"... if you see a lower current price at a local authorized competitor in-stock, or from an authorized Internet competitor ready to ship, Fry's will be happy to match the competition's delivered price."


@jyoz22: Maybe it all depends where you are in the country.


-All comparisons are based on the in-store cash register price or the in-store on-line final checkout price at the time of request,
excluding any applicable sales tax. Price comparisons include the cost of shipping. On-line price and availability must be verified in store at time of purchase