dealspulp fiction [blu-ray] for $5.00 + free shipping


$3.99 at amazon... not to mention Kill Bill 1&2 and a few more. $25 gets you free shipping.


@rybass309: Nope. Most of those movies, specifically Pulp Fiction, are sold out.

Shouldn't be a surprise at this time of year and those prices.


I don't know if it's worth five dollars, but it's a pretty flippin' good movie!


@mtm2: yes they are, but if you look they will send them to you when they get them in stock, and only at 4 bucks. i have to wait a few weeks for kill bill volume 1 and 2, but i'm not heartbroken about it for 4 bucks.


@eidelbus: Are you talking about movies or milk shakes?


@solex: Only about milkshakes. A Blu-ray of this movie is certainly worth $5!

With inflation, I guess $5 is about right nowadays for a milkshake.